Light up clothing is taking over the modern party and dance scene. From light up shoes to glowing hats, people are showing off their high-tech gear all over the world. We love this technology, but we realized that something was severely lacking in the existing products out there: None of them respond to you, transferring your individual style and personality to the light displays on your outfit.

Enter Lumactive Designs. Using our patent pending motion sensing technology we have developed an outfit that analyzes your body position in real time and creates custom patterns based on your individual movements. Lumactive Suspenders are the first product in our line of movement reactive clothing and accessories.

Move right, and a colorful beam floats up off your right hip. Move up and down and create bright flashes across your chest. Better yet, just dance and watch the outfit respond to each subtle movement of your body, Lumactive will take care of the rest. We spent countless hours fine tuning our movement recognition algorithms and designing the most fun and interactive patterns possible. Each of the three modes is tailored to a different situation, and has been extensively tested to make it easy and fun for the first time user, but also to allow advanced users to specifically trigger different effects and create deliberate patterns. From letting loose on the dance floor to night time bike rides, or even just relaxing between songs, team up with Lumactive and let yourself shine!

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The Lumactive suspenders are our flagship product. Help support our kickstarter campaign and we will be sure to continue to integrate this exciting technology into lots of other types of clothing and accessories to keep you shining! The Lumactive team thanks you for your support!

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